We will prepare a Domestic Cleaning service designed around your personal cleaning requirements so you can carry on
your daily activities or spend deserved time with the ones you love the most and rest assured that your home will be
cleaned thoroughly and professionally by one of our teams.

Residential Cleaning
When you call us you’ll always be visited by Anna CleanExpres who will discuss in detail your personal cleaning
requirements, including any specific areas to clean and create a cleaning schedule just for you.
– Wiping the dust from furniture, window sills and hardware electronics,
– Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces of furniture,
– Vacuuming floor coverings and carpets.
– Washing floors appropriate means,
– Emptying garbage cans,
– Washing tops,
– Washing sink,
– Cleaning toilets with disinfectant,
– Washing sinks,
– Cleaning of bathroom fittings. We act quickly, efficiently, comprehensively –
all this make you happy and services ordered from us again. Well, we are recommending us all in the circle.
But first, we check it out!
and much much more!