Join Our Cleaning Team

Join Our Cleaning Team


We are constantly looking for new Team Members, so, it’s always worth to give us a call.

Why do we need to always look for new people?

  1. Our Customers trust us and we don’t want to lose their trust. This is why a majority of our team has to be made out of long-term employees. While having them, we can trust them to give a great training to new members. This way, we and our Customers can create a long-lasting cooperation.
  2. The best way for a new person is to learn with a real-life PROfessional. This is giving the edge in learning and PRO skills can be duplicated much quicker.
  3. We increase the database of our Customers from time to time. Before next increase, we need to make sure that we have enough staff to cover new jobs coming in.
  4. Our staff has to go on holidays, some have to take sick leave and so on.

As you see, we have enough good reasons to look for new people. If we won’t have a job straight away, for sure we will have it later. We are working on First come, First served bases. So, if you considering joining us, why not give us a call now, or send a text message with “join” text and your name?

Thank you,

ACE Team.

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